Let Off Some Steam… Malden!

There was a time, gentlemen, when we played video games. Together! And maybe those days are over. But we can still pretend and join this group! It is probably doomed from the get go but hey, what the hell? The Malden Steam Group Advertisements

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Infinity Blade Review

The sun is struggling, held at bay by voluminous clouds. Yet, it succeeds in illuminating a breath-taking landscape in which a sepia-toned castle, perched upon mossy cliffs, looms in the distance. A lone, armor clad figure stands on a rocky precipice. Although there is a longing to explore this gorgeous world, it is not this hero’s fate.

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Be Careful Who You Friend On Facebook

Via Dorkly Advertisements

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Mega Man Legends 3!

In the wake of the 3DS press conference (February 26 2011/$299 in Japan), Capcom let slip news of a new installment in the Mega Man Legends series. If you played the previous games, you know they were serviceable Zelda clones. Not the tight platforming and twitch gameplay you expect from a Mega Man game but […]

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TGS 2010: East Meets West

The narrative for this console generation has largely been: “Japan has lost it”. Why exactly Japanese developers have lost it is up for debate. Many point to antiquated design philosophies and poor online integration. I’m not entirely sure what happened but after watching FFXIII do a relative face plant this year, it’s hard to argue […]

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Turbo Express: A Memento

Via Joystiq comes a video that can only be described as pornography for people whose name begins with Ian and ends with Jones.  It’s amazing how high production value can make a spectacle out of the mundane. Advertisements

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Jane McGonigal: Gaming Can Make A Better World

by Mike G. Coming at us via @CaptainDeadmeat is a really fascinating lecture on TED. To sum up, game designer Jane McGonigal, believes we can change the world for the better. And to do this we must harness the power of games and gamers. We must fully recommend watching this video in its entirety. Even if […]

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