The MaldenCast Episode 515

The Better Never Than Late Edition This episode Chad, Mike and Steve talk Olympic fever, Nintendo and speculate about Ian’s where-a-bouts. Then we learn that game developers have feelings too. Also we have a rather lengthy and spoiler free discussion about Heavy Rain. And then there’s Goblin. Additional links and notes after the jump. Click […]

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XBLA Watch List

By Steve Hey guys. I played a couple of recent XBLA entries that you might get a kick out of. First up: Matt Hazard: Blood  bath and Beyond I don’t know if you guys remember the first Matt Hazard game, likely because really no one does, but the premise sounded humorous. Take a Duke Nukemesque […]

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The MaldenCast Episode 511

This week Mike, Steve and… well, that is it. Still, they talk about tuna pies; they take hostages; and they can’t be stopped. Their army is small but oh, is it fierce! The Games: Excitebike: World Rally, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Muramasa, Dragon Age: Origins. The Music: Animal Collective, Real Estate and Evahn with […]

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Microsoft E3 2009 Press Conference

Microsoft drops the Beatles, Metal Gear, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell, Halo 3: ODST, Motion Camera, FFXIII hammer! Yep, Kojima, Spielberg, Ringo and McCartney shared the same stage! Peter Molyneux played with his virtual boy. Project Natal will give you a new opportunity to look like an ass in front of your TV. And heaps of […]

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Street Fighter IV: Are We Serious?

I imagine we’re all excited that the release date for SF4 is next week, but are any of us actually going to buy it? Personally, I’m happy it’s coming but I’m not sure I will fall in love with this game. And that has nothing to do with my perceived quality of the game ( […]

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