The MaldenCast Episode 515

The Better Never Than Late Edition This episode Chad, Mike and Steve talk Olympic fever, Nintendo and speculate about Ian’s where-a-bouts. Then we learn that game developers have feelings too. Also we have a rather lengthy and spoiler free discussion about Heavy Rain. And then there’s Goblin. Additional links and notes after the jump. Click […]

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XBLA Watch List

By Steve Hey guys. I played a couple of recent XBLA entries that you might get a kick out of. First up: Matt Hazard: Blood  bath and Beyond I don’t know if you guys remember the first Matt Hazard game, likely because really no one does, but the premise sounded humorous. Take a Duke Nukemesque […]

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The MaldenCast Episode 511

This week Mike, Steve and… well, that is it. Still, they talk about tuna pies; they take hostages; and they can’t be stopped. Their army is small but oh, is it fierce! The Games: Excitebike: World Rally, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Muramasa, Dragon Age: Origins. The Music: Animal Collective, Real Estate and Evahn with […]

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