The MaldenCast 522

The Short Battery Life Edition This week, we get our hands on the 3DS. We build it up, tear it down and let you know how we really feel about the first major hardware release in over four years. Sure, we talk about other things too. iPhone pick of the week: Lane Splitter Wanna help Japan […]

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The MaldenCast 521

The Ski Patrol Edition This week the gang carves their way through the powdery slopes of video game land. Ian shreds the double black diamond of text adventures, on his way toward the 3DS launch. Chad emerges from the lodge with a hot toddy and tales of faulty motorcycles. Mike negotiates the moguls of Dragon […]

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The MaldenCast 520

IT’S THE LIBYANS Edition This week, Peter rejoins the gang to talk about anime and his comic. Ian talks about Libya and his Grandma (We suspect there’s a connection). Steve talks Arnold and Nerd Bait. And Mike, talks about feeding the needy and laments the earthquake in New Zealand. Because he CARES harder than you […]

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The MaldenCast 519

The Super High Energy Edition We found this episode lying around on the Malden HQ floor. We slobber all over the greatest show on TV: Community. Steve is Hard Corps. Ian is _____? And Mike is in (Dead) Space. All this and more! Do you like ‘ums’ AND ‘uhs’? You came to the right place! […]

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