The MaldenCast 521

The Ski Patrol Edition

This week the gang carves their way through the powdery slopes of video game land.

Ian shreds the double black diamond of text adventures, on his way toward the 3DS launch.

Chad emerges from the lodge with a hot toddy and tales of faulty motorcycles.

Mike negotiates the moguls of Dragon Age, Swarm, Full House Poker and the fresh powder of WWE All-stars.

And Steve is a miserable pile of secrets. (sorry the metaphor was already wearing thin.)

iPhone pick of the week: Disc Drivin’ And the runners up: Surveillant , Robot Wants Kitty and Forget Me Not.

Wanna help Japan in a gamer related way?  Play For Japan (@PlayForJPN)

All this and more! Do you like ‘ums’ AND ‘uhs’? You came to the right place!

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