A flurry of Mega Man 10 promotional videos

by Steve

Megaman 10 is either almost out, out now or been out a while. I cant be bothered to look. Whatever the case may be it seems like this time it will be actually beatable, which is a plus since I gave up pretty quickly last round. It also continues with the “Its a long lost 8-bit game” concept that caused such a fuss with part 9.  Sticking with the nostalgia theme, Capcom has not only made another godawful cover for the game (Isn’t this a piece of Megaman history we should be ashamed of in America and want to forget?) as seen here:

Good God

I mean its kinda cool they took the joke this far. BUT they even went further and produced this amazing long lost commercial!

and damn, they went for the gusto with this one. Soooo many little touches, from the titles to the room to even the kid! Who knew there was such nostalgia for all the shitty attempts they used to market to us as kids. Still it had me cracking up.

Also rapper Random, AKA Mega Ran, a longtime Megaman loving rap artist released a song about Megaman 10 presumably with Capcoms blessing

Eh, its pretty catchy. Probably the best megaman related rap out there. Though its worth noting that the rapper Del tha Funky Homosapien, when refering to his future self Deltron for the album “Deltron 3030″ had this to say about megaman:

” I got the idea from “Megaman X” [the video game] because the regular “Megaman” was kind of round, cartoony. They souped him up to “Megaman X” and made him futuristic. I always thought that was a dope idea.”

which I thing deserves our continued respect.

Megaman 10 will be released….. I guess now it looks like for an unknown ammout of Wii Points, Xbox Gamer Points or Playstation Store “US currency”


6 thoughts on “A flurry of Mega Man 10 promotional videos

  1. Mega Man 10 has been out for WiiWare for a week.

    [Insert monster truck rally announcer voice here]$10 buys the whole game but you’ll only make it past, Pump Man!

    Probably the worst cast of robot masters yet (Sheep Man!?) but it’s still worth playing.

  2. Yea i’ll probably get it. More as a vote that I kinda support this kind of activity. Not entirely but a bit.

  3. Ive always wanted to like Megaman, but i just really-REALLY fucking suck at these types of games. SNES, NES, DS..hell I even bought and played like 20 hours of N64 Megaman.

  4. Megaman 64 (AKA Megaman Legends) was actually not very hard if you stuck with it, as I think you could just buy your way out of troubthrough advanced gear. It was wonderful though. I’d love a chance to run through that world again.


    Steve, youre the first person to not shame me for playing that game. I really liked N64 version (Megaman X on PS1?)..the rollerskates rocked.

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