The MaldenCast 522

The Short Battery Life Edition

This week, we get our hands on the 3DS. We build it up, tear it down and let you know how we really feel about the first major hardware release in over four years.

Sure, we talk about other things too.

iPhone pick of the week: Lane Splitter

Wanna help Japan in a gamer related way?  Play For Japan (@PlayForJPN)

All this and more! Do you like ‘ums’ AND ‘uhs’? You came to the right place!

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2 thoughts on “The MaldenCast 522

  1. Welp, thought I’d check in considering I still get tagged on tweets. 🙂

    Oh man, this year’s EVO was awesome…btw. 😀

    Anyways, just wanted to say…..ummmmm…..”GO MALDEN!”

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