Infinity Blade Review

The sun is struggling, held at bay by voluminous clouds. Yet, it succeeds in illuminating a breath-taking landscape in which a sepia-toned castle, perched upon mossy cliffs, looms in the distance. A lone, armor clad figure stands on a rocky precipice. Although there is a longing to explore this gorgeous world, it is not this hero’s fate. […]

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The Appvent Calender

For those of you who are a bit leery to dip your toes in to the tumultuous waters of iPhone gaming, I present to you: The Appvent Calender ’09. One free game, per day until Christmas Eve. Now, there are a lot of free games on the App store. However, these are usually paid apps. […]

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The Hidden Cost Of 3G iPhones

Chad and I recently had a discussion about buying the new 3G iPhone. Chad: Yay! Me: Nay! I made up my mind before I stumbled upon this article on Now I’m not saying this somehow makes me wiser but… Actually I based my decision on the fact that there is no 3G in Alaska. […]

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