Mega Man Legends 3!

In the wake of the 3DS press conference (February 26 2011/$299 in Japan), Capcom let slip news of a new installment in the Mega Man Legends series. If you played the previous games, you know they were serviceable Zelda clones. Not the tight platforming and twitch gameplay you expect from a Mega Man game but the game served up oodles of personality.

The chance to revisit the world and art style of those previous games makes this announcement pretty exciting. Also check out the video below to see how Keiji Inafune plans to approach this game differently.


3 thoughts on “Mega Man Legends 3!

  1. crazy…i never played Legends (and to be honest, as much as I tried- never cared for standard Megaman games…platformers arent my thing, and I tend to suck at them)

    So 3DS in japan next feb…exciting lineup coming together.

  2. MegaMan Legends was one of my favorite games. I would never say it had the best gameplay or controls, because they weren’t overly great. But, like mike said, the world and personality just won me over in a major way. I seriously wanted to live in that place. I didn’t finish the second one (the underwater dungeon was mind numbing) but I wish I could now. This is my most awaited game for the forseeable future. I so cannot wait. I’m glad games are doing that to me again! 😀

  3. I never played the other Legends games, but I heard how great they were, so I’ll get this one for sure. Besides, I liked all the Star Force games for the DS, so why not this?

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