Infinity Blade Review

The sun is struggling, held at bay by voluminous clouds. Yet, it succeeds in illuminating a breath-taking landscape in which a sepia-toned castle, perched upon mossy cliffs, looms in the distance. A lone, armor clad figure stands on a rocky precipice. Although there is a longing to explore this gorgeous world, it is not this hero’s fate.

On the other side of a cobble stone bridge stands a hulking warrior. There is no choice to turn the other way or to reason with this imposing threat, only battle.

The warrior swings a mighty sword at the hero, a tap of the finger brings up a shield to block his first attack. Another swing of the sword and a tap of the finger has our combatant narrowly avoiding the blow. Yet another thrust but this time a well timed swipe of the finger parries the strike and leaves an opening for our knight to take the offensive. Swipes of the finger translate into wild swings of the sword and after series of this back and forth, the hero emerges victorious.

With his opponent slain, he collects his spoils. Money, experience and other valuables that will help him on his quest. However there is little time to savor the victory. The fortress towers above, another brute stands before him and there is no where to go but forward.

As he makes his way through the castle, treasures are found, paths are forged but battle will be what defines his journey. Each conflict becomes an increasing complex dance. A ballet of violence consisting of finger gestures and taps that execute parries, dodges, magic spells and counter-attacks. And after each battle our adventurer becomes more adept at combat.

Now, at the top of the enemy stronghold, the ultimate goal: Defeat the God-King. The battle is over before it starts. Our hero, though valiant, falls quickly. And as a sword is thrust in to his abdomen it seels not only our hero’s fate but that of his descendants for generations to come.

Our hero’s progeny starts his journey much in the same way his father did. Except that he inherits the strength, wealth and equipment of his forebear. Your job is to see each generation of this cursed bloodline through to its fate until finally enough experience, strength and skill has been accumulated to defeat the God-King.

The experience is so gorgeous, addictive and fun, I have no doubt you’ll see it through to the end.

Did I mention this game is on a freaking phone?

Score: 5/5

Plays like: If Punch-Out was an RPG and on rails.

Platform(s): iPhone 3GS-4, iPod Touch (3rd and 4th Gen) iPad

Publisher: Epic Games

Developer: ChAIR Entertainment

Price: $5.99

Buy it: On iTunes


One thought on “Infinity Blade Review

  1. So I just upgraded from the original iphone to 4..and first off- wow that jump is incredible. Its SO much better…I immediately got a few games that werent available on the 2G model, this one included.

    And WOW- this game looks and plays very well. This is right up my alley..quick, good control, decent replay. And holy shit its fast! After looking at the previews, I was sure it was more like a myst prerendered experience, but its all realtime ??! just crazy…Makes me think Apple will hold up well to the PSP phone idea afterall.

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