TGS 2010: East Meets West

The narrative for this console generation has largely been: “Japan has lost it”. Why exactly Japanese developers have lost it is up for debate. Many point to antiquated design philosophies and poor online integration. I’m not entirely sure what happened but after watching FFXIII do a relative face plant this year, it’s hard to argue that Japanese devs are no longer the innovators and taste-makers they where in previous generations.

This years TGS has three keynotes, two (EA, Microsoft) are from western publishers. The third is from Capcom. The publisher seems to be the most forward thinking of their Japanese contemporaries. In its keynote Capcom continues it’s east-meets-west mantra and made a few announcements.

Dead Rising 2 DLC starring Frank West was announced, along with Capcom’s acquisition of the Vancouver based developer of DR2.

Asura’s Wrath was Capcom’s only original IP announced. The game is Japanese developed but uses Unreal Engine 3. The quicktime events are cause for concern but the game makes for one helluva trailer!

Also a Devil May Cry reboot was announced and it’s co-developed by Ninja Theory (Heavenly Sword, Enslaved). Take a look at the newer and younger,  hipster Dante!

Ninja Theory director Tameem Antoniades tells the crowd “We’re taking a younger Dante, that incorporates the youth culture of today, from fashion to music to street art, etc.” (Ugh.)

Also earlier in the day, (yesterday?) Shinji Mikami and Suda 51 announced the fruits of their mutual labor, Shadows of the Damned. Published by EA via their partners program, the game looks to control similar to Resident Evil 4 but spiced up with Suda’s crazy salsa. It will be interesting to see how this one turns out.

TGS has many more announcements and hopefully surprises in store. While I’m sure this year or next won’t see Japan return to its past industry dominance, hopefully this will be the start of it achieving parity with its western counterparts.


2 thoughts on “TGS 2010: East Meets West

  1. Man the news wires are lit up by all sorts of wicked announcements (or new trailers for things we already know about) that have me pretty excited, even if it’s all capcom, all the time. Steel Battalion kinect has me even almost barely (but not really) considering the thing. Oh wait you’ve seen where i live. Lets forget that. Whatever the case may be with Japan and console dominance they still know how to float my boat with just that, as you say, crazy salsa. As the japanese take some of the best of what North America and Europe put forward and apply it to their zanyness, the next few years should be fun 😀 You can see the groundwork being layed right now.

    Wheres Konami at though? C’mpon guys, flat out steal Capcoms buisness model if you have to but please, come back to us!

  2. Since going to E3 this past year I have been itching to go to another convention, hopefully next year I can go to more.

    Anyways, since I wasn’t able to go I am happy I had a place where I could follow the news. YOu were a great resource and I think you guys are doing an excellent job, keep up the good work. I most definately will be returning to visit and look forward to your content.


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