This is the place to talk about ideas for the blog or just general little snippets of info that aren’t really worth a full blog post.


5 thoughts on “Meta/OT

  1. For instance: Hey I just updated my own personal blog. Check it out!

    Or: Hey, I think we need to standardize our tags and categorize our posts.

    Or: Hey this blog is redundant and a total waste of time!

    You know, stuff like that.

    *The first person to actually notice this page and then in turn leave some constructive feedback gets gifted a VC NES game of their choice*

  2. So this is like the off topic area of the blog, right? Mind you, we mainly post about games on the main blogging area, but I wouldn’t mind a Off Topic randomness thread.

    We need a comic strip or some such nonsense. Compete with PA? Probably not, but we could probably do better than VGCatz or Ctrl+Alt+Del. And it wouldn’t have to be about games only. It could just be a comic strip. Period.

  3. Yeah, OT, site improvements, all is fare game. Well, I’m a man of my word, what nes game do you want?

    As far as a comic it’s a good idea but only if we have something original to say. I have Adobe CS3 so I have the tools but my drawing ability is all but nil now if there ever was any ability. It took 10k in loans to learn that lesson.

  4. Just write the scripts and send them over my way or Steve’s way. Chad can write some scripts too. It doesn’t have to be a strip, it can be editorial cartoons and such.

    I had a bit of an idea, sort of “Great moments in Malden History” or something along that lines. Its basically random moments from any one of us that’s happened that we found interesting/shocking/funny.

    The only NES games I have on the Wii are Punchout and Donkey Kong. Surprise me I guess. *shoulder shrug?*

  5. So I drove by the old diggs and was sorely tempted by the “For Rent” sign even though what’s his face is kind of an ass. Am I just reliving my youth in a moment of crisis? Probably so.

    Totally off subject but thought I’d post it up anyways:
    Happy Birthday.

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