This game is awesome!

IGN’s E3 Game of The Show and another great reason to pick up your DSI. Advertisements

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Man, I miss this show, pure genius.

MST3K was the shit!

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One of my favorite clips and quotes from Grandma’s Boy

This makes me laugh every time. Advertisements

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A little gem of a DS title

So, being behind the times and all on the DS front, I picked up the oldie but goodie title True Swing Golf. It was a steal used at Gamestop for only 5 bucks. Awesome golf game and addictive as hell. Haven’t had this much fun with a golf title since Mario Golf on GBA. Do […]

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Since I missed the podcast

Hey dudes. Because of podcast confusion, lack of communication, or just plain stupidity on my part, I missed talking shop on video games. So here’s my gaming update. I have officially stopped playing World of Warcraft. My account was hacked/comprimised for the second time in 5 years and that was the final nail in the […]

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E3 2009 Press Conferences Impressions

So I just got done watching IGN’s E3 Press Conferences. All three impressed. My favorite has to be the Microsoft Conference, then Nintendo’s, then Sony’s. The new Tony Hawk skateboard controller is flippin’ awesome and Project Natal has such potential if they do it right. Go Microsoft! Milo creeped me out though. 4 Mario titles, […]

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