Dr. Mario Online Mother Fuckers!

When I first moved in to the Malden, four-man Dr. Mario Battle Royales were on the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I plan to D/L as soon as I clear some more space. Let’s bring back a Malden tradition. *UPDATE* First off, the download is only 93 blocks which was a relief for me. […]

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Then and Now

It’s 4 in the morning and I’m sitting at work watching other people sleep. With the resurgence of this blog, I find myself missing the Malden. Sure, it was a cramped, cat infested, often smelly apartment with the most god awful carpet in the city, but it was our home for two years and life […]

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A Moment To Remember Our Former Landlord.

I think all of us remember the funny old man who wore rainbow suspenders (often with no shirt) and once raised our rent and then forgot about it. Then there was his kinder moments. Where he taught the man who took over our old apartment to take responsibility for one’s own actions. And just when […]

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