Hideo Kojima Has A Twitter Account…

by: Mike G.

…why the hell don’t you?

Seriously, if you’re a Twitterphobe you are totally missing out. Don’t you want need to know what Kojima had for lunch?


It’s Bulgogi, fine, you get that one for free.

But this isn’t just a chance to revel in an auteur’s culinary predilections. Yeah, you do learn a bunch of stuff about Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. However, that junk is boooooring. You can have bestowed upon you so much more if you submit and become wise under his tutelage!

Here are just a few of the things you can expect to attain from @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN:

Learn about conditions in far away lands:

Learn how to empathize with your peers as his heart bleeds for the recently dismissed heads of Infinity Ward:

And finally, the man’s tweets have the power… to move you.

The defense rests its case.


One thought on “Hideo Kojima Has A Twitter Account…

  1. Wait Hideo Kojima is REAL!? I thought he was a construct made from the primordial ooze of previous game developers. Like Betty Crocker.

    This was such a funny post I was LOLing at work.

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