Mega Man Legends 3!

In the wake of the 3DS press conference (February 26 2011/$299 in Japan), Capcom let slip news of a new installment in the Mega Man Legends series. If you played the previous games, you know they were serviceable Zelda clones. Not the tight platforming and twitch gameplay you expect from a Mega Man game but […]

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A flurry of Mega Man 10 promotional videos

by Steve Megaman 10 is either almost out, out now or been out a while. I cant be bothered to look. Whatever the case may be it seems like this time it will be actually beatable, which is a plus since I gave up pretty quickly last round. It also continues with the “Its a […]

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Megaman 2 Dr Wily Stage 1 + Ultraman Seven =

Total AWESOME. *edit* here’s the original Megaman 2 midi, just so there’s no confusion: And the actual ultraman 7 song: English Subtitles. Advertisements

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