The MaldenCast Episode 514

Are YOU ready for some football? We talk about the Big Game, Haiti and our ailing economy. You know, the topics you WANT to hear on a video game podcast. Actually we do talk games. We look forward to the Wii’s future line-up. We run down our Top Ten Games from 2009. And we sneak […]

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And now….a taste of things to come.

By Ian I have to make a list like this for myself every 6 months or so, to remind what games are in the pipeline. I have to do this because (quality) Wii games for my tastes are far and few in between, and this gives me just a little hope. Xenoblade: Baten Kaitos studio […]

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The Metroid Prime Trilogy: Nintendo’s Citizen Kane?

Nintendo’s Video Game Masterpiece Michael Thomsen, author of IGN’s Contrarian Corner, proposes that The Metroid Prime Trilogy is video gaming’s Citizen Kane. What’s even more impressive, it was a piece for ABC News complete with a Charlie Gibson intro. In Thomsen’s Contrarian Corner he generally takes a very critical look at a game that becomes […]

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