Epic Mickey scratches the itch that Kingdom Hearts never could.

To preface this review- let me state that I was a child of the Disney channel. And while I liked the modern era films in the 80’s, my love for the characters was mostly geared towards the “classic” cartoons of our parents/grandparents generations. My favorite times of the year were when the Halloween and Xmas […]

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The Last Story

From the father of Final Fantasy comes the Wii-exclusive (aka poor seller) that we’ve all been waiting for. A cross between GearsOfWar and Fable it seems….Ive been cautiously optimistic as we’ve really seen nothing more than concept work..but HOLY FUCKING SHIT THIS LOOKS GOOD!!! http://www.nintendo.co.jp/wii/slsj/trailer/

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Soooo….what happened to MH3?

Was it the Captial One Viking comercials? Or the sub-par WiiSpeak chat? Maybe you just spent countless hours with the PSP game and feel too burned out to start all over again (Animal X-ing, Im thinking of you). What happened to turn you guys off from this game? The lack of a Lego’s version? I […]

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Ernie Harwell (1918-2010)

First off, let me preempt this post with the following suggestion: DONT GROAN AND ROLL YOUR EYES (just yet). You seriously need to give this story a chance. Its about someone you’ve never heard of before, who worked for a team you probably don’t care about , that played a sport you likely find rather […]

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And now….a taste of things to come.

By Ian I have to make a list like this for myself every 6 months or so, to remind what games are in the pipeline. I have to do this because (quality) Wii games for my tastes are far and few in between, and this gives me just a little hope. Xenoblade: Baten Kaitos studio […]

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No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

By Ian If you didnt play the first one, then you missed out on some serious humor, excessive sexual themes, gratuitous profanity, retro gaming tributes, masturbation-required weapon reloads, bloody button mashing sword fighting coupled with extremely satisfying motion controlled light saber or luchador death moves triggering a random slot machine payout of Killer7-ish combo moves […]

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Is that Red Hot Rumble 2???!!!!!

Nope, its Tatsunoko Vs Capcom. Anyone planning on picking this up…? I know you guys are probably still smitten/sick of that sweet-ass HD SF game but Ive heard good things about this game….has online play, I believe.  Advertisements

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