Microsoft E3 2009 Press Conference

custom_1234979314333_360briefingMicrosoft drops the Beatles, Metal Gear, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell, Halo 3: ODST, Motion Camera, FFXIII hammer!

Yep, Kojima, Spielberg, Ringo and McCartney shared the same stage! Peter Molyneux played with his virtual boy. Project Natal will give you a new opportunity to look like an ass in front of your TV. And heaps of new dashboard functionality like Facebook and Twitter integration. Also you can watch movies with your friends and shush them from 2000 miles away.

Sooo check out all the details at your favorite video game news outlet (like this one, or this one, or maybe this one here or perhaps this one. Just don’t let me catch you at this one).

Go, check out the details, come back and then post your “Ooohs”, “Ahhhs” and “Mehs”.


12 thoughts on “Microsoft E3 2009 Press Conference

  1. Not impressed with ODST. Looks even MORE linear than Any of the Halos. So now you follow the glowing lights on the ground to point you in the right direction? FFS, I hate Bungie sometimes.

    The Project Natal could be interesting, but this late in the generation its likely to fail. I don’t see many devs implementing any of this full body control into their games, and I have to buy ANOTHER 360 piece of hardware? Fuck that shit.

    MGS Rising is probably multiplatform, not exclusive to 360. Have to wait for the Konami presser to see.

    Splinter Cell Conviction looks like it could be good. Will probably get it for my PC.

    Gah, Alan Wake’s constant narration. Definitely the same guys who did Max Payne all right. Terrible writing incoming.

    Don’t give a crap about Beatles or FF13.

    1. Shit, its not like I don’t have a backlog of overhyped 360 games to try to get through. Are we having a podcast tonight? I thought mondays were the new night.

  2. Man I gotta say Microsoft came out swinging. I’m not sure if they hit any home runs but they made a lot of noise and turned some heads……. whoa whats with that last sentance? Anyways, despite Peters Damning condemnation there looks like some decent stuff there. I wont touch ANY of it but it’s the thought that counts. The camera, man gotta see some real footage cause that pitcrew stuff was as real as a three dollar bill. And c’mon dad, if your serious about winning why let the little girl drive? Be a man. Raidens Quest (despite a cheeseball presentation. “Who said anysing about sorid snake?”) seems sweet, and make no mistake i’ll steal one of your ps3’s and play MGS4. Man I gotta say high five to konami for taking what most consider the worst of MGS, raiden, and making him something worth a damn.

    Oh and Raiden, Ladytron wants her face back.

    Twitter and facebook are kinda non issues to us but im sure the rest of everyone thinks its a slam dunk.

    1. What’s funny is that Sony’s Wands is about the same, only they had tech demos that didn’t feel like they were hiding anything. Sony wands showed writing/FPS shooting/RTS commands/sword fighting/ninja stars/archery, which sort of piques my interest more because it didn’t feel like those guys had to stage they’re setup as much.

      The Natal stuff was very broad gesture stuff. They didn’t have anyone point to something on the screen and it automatically registered or anything like that. Just some flailing in Ricochet, some broken mocap in NXE, and a creepy little Seaman. I will enjoy breaking Milo.

  3. Yea Natal doesn’t seem in it to win it. It actually reminds me of the Eyetoy just without the toy. I can’t imagine the next Gears using this. The sony one seems a bit more tactile. Like maybe i’m crazy but I like the idea of holding SOMETHING not just the air.

  4. The Project Natal video does looked very canned, but the potential is there. I read an article that called it Microsoft’s “endgame”. Seems a bit to early to tell, I think.
    Splinter Cell looks really cool and I’ll most assuredly play it.

  5. first off, I applaud both of MS & Sony for embracing true motion (sixaxis seemed gimmick at best) schemes…at least they’re trying! recapture some of those lost benjamins HA!

    anyways, MS using 3D/Zcamera- COOL! as long as you can use it in tandem with other controllers, like Sony’s system.

    they were talking about not using physical controllers, and I think that would only work for casual games, or at least has the potential to be pigeon holed like waggle-fest wii garbage on the shelves (im looking at you carnival).

    but like what you guys are saying, I cant see playing FPS, or any “action” game really, with the Natal system alone.

    Also I’ll admit I had ZILCH interest in Wii Resort until seeing the archery/skydiving footage…now Im kinda interested in trying it.

    other big Nintendo thoughts from me:

    -Metroid made by Team Ninja….ask me 100 times, and I seriously never would have guessed the team with pending sexual harrasment suits would be tapped to make the next Metroid game…and not only does the game look pretty interesting, it makes me more curious about WTF Retro is up to now.

    -Vitality Sensor…LAME. this made me want to hurt myself. This is the kind of announcement you make at your booth, after the show. Hours later, in fact. maybe, MAYBE if used for Eternal Darkness 2 (SK is back making an unnamed game for N)..or a thriller that used your heartrate against you, this might be a neat gimmick. But I have a feeling this is for Wiifit Hot Yoga & Wii Meditate.

    I wonder if you could get a pulse by hooking it up to your knob?

    -Super Mario Bros Wii….BORING. Ok, not boring, I mean LOZ 4 Swords was actually really fun, but this rehash should be a $20-30 WiiWare game. I guess I should be thankful Ninty doesnt make us buy DS’s with tethered cables? Or does it hook up to the Vitality Sensor Peripheral?

    -Galaxy 2….Ok, cool. Ill bite- I really liked the first one a lot, and I didnt enjoy Mario64 much at all. SMG was really pretty, and well executed..though I like the idea of a sequel, it just feels too soon for me- though I understand most of it was left over from the first iteration.

    -GoldenSun DS. Totally Bitchin.

  6. I guess we can make this the Big 3 thread, so I’ll say Metroid was definitely the highlight of the Nintendo conference. Watching Samus swinging a Space Pirate like a yoyo and tossing him was great.

    I think New Super Mario Bros could be fun, but definitely agree that it should be WiiWare.

    I’m thinking its really funny that the boards that I frequent are heralding Natal as the evolution of gaming, when the same posters were shitting on the Wii for the last 2-3 years. I think it think there’s a bias to like the 360 more just because.

    Red Steel 2 actually looks like fun. MGS Peace Walker looks like a proper MGS on the PSP (at least with in engine cutscenes). Sounds like MGS Rising won’t actual involve sneaking. MGS doing a Ninja Gaiden?

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