The MaldenCast Episode 511


This week Mike, Steve and… well, that is it.

Still, they talk about tuna pies; they take hostages; and they can’t be stopped. Their army is small but oh, is it fierce!

The Games: Excitebike: World Rally, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Muramasa, Dragon Age: Origins.

The Music: Animal Collective, Real Estate and Evahn with an OCRemix.

The Links: Tuna Pies! Chocolate eating, Japanese sissy boys! Canabalt!

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2 thoughts on “The MaldenCast Episode 511

  1. I have too much time on my hands…prepare for my contribution:

    First off- your complaints for the PS3 updates is exactly why I was bitching about PC games last week…Ive had it up to HERE with EA messing around with updates and the only solution to my issues are to uninstall/regedit/reinstall FOR THE 11th TIME!!! Dammit I was just griping that it may be time to move from PC to 360/PS3, but as you just pointed out there are similar issues for Sony and I don’t like to pay to play (360)….so I guess Ill stick to DS and WiiWare for now :/

    I still need to get Exitebike…though I did play truck and bots, and while Bots was a fun game- it was seriously lacking the original bike feel. Felt more like a Bionics Legos spinoff, which turned me off (literally, the boner went away).

    I 2nd the motion that NEW Super Mario is good (except for the stupid title)…I do get more of the soul vibe out of this than you guys have, but Im playing it side by side with the wife and it really brings back the memories of playing 1, 3 and world with my buddies for weeks on end. The co-op action definitely takes some getting used to as you have to play defensively or maybe with more courtesy to avoid killing your partners (often…4 player was a nightmare for the first couple levels). I kept reading that this is by far the most difficult mario game yet, however Im already on level 8-4 with 9 lives, no continues and have only had to replay a level a few times before knocking it over with a solid punch. The hint movies are pretty sweet too for showing alternate exits and I love the skill flicks.

    Unfortunately I was going to add that I just completed Muramasa (29 hours!) and was going to rave that it was extremely full filling, so am disheartened by the thought of you both getting so bored early on- probably never to fully get into the game. As you progress, your skills and equipment snowball and you start jumping all over the map (after completing the game initially, you can warp from shrine to shrine…you are not able to finish the game 100% until you have all the swords, which mean you need to revisit all the levels with the White barrier sword obtained by reaching, not defeating the final boss.).

    I cant deny that the same characters show up in areas that are not completed, but you obtain sweet objects like “Ninja Socks III” preventing attacks so that you fly through the scenery (which does change dramatically past the first level….yellow fogged mountain tops, beaches & giant squid battles, burning cities, and my favorite- deep down into fiery soul ridden Hell fighting giant hilarious Oni). Other items that prevent your soul power from draining make one shot kills with the fast draw really addicting to use on every enemy encounter. The story is pretty shallow at all times, but it is what it is and I ended up loving it the game, to the point Id consider borrowing a PS2 just to go back and play Odin’s Sphere…so that’s my 2nd opinion.

    On that note, DeadSpace Extraction was also a shitload of fun and pretty damn scary in parts. The previews of Silent Hill Wii (coming next week) sound exceptional, and Im ready to go preorder it.

    Also- Steve, your Mickey Mouse reference reminded me we should keep an eye on the Epic Mickey game…he is very different looking, and you can change his appearance based on how you decide to play his character (evil deforms him).

    So obviously I have a lot to contribute again, so let me know when the next edition is to be recorded. My life has settled down in the last week to point of stability.

  2. Yea man please join us but be prepared. We’re going to go nuts on Assassins Creed 2. If we ever get lost in Renaissance Florence I might be able to find a doctor or a hay bail to hide in.

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