XBLA Watch List

By Steve

Hey guys. I played a couple of recent XBLA entries that you might get a kick out of. First up:

Matt Hazard: Blood  bath and Beyond

I don’t know if you guys remember the first Matt Hazard game, likely because really no one does, but the premise sounded humorous. Take a Duke Nukemesque bald space marine type and go “Behind the Music” style  as he relives his career of being cast in 8-bit, cart racing, and Goldeneye clones. From what I could gather it did such a good job paying tribute to these games that it even played like them, even the crappy parts.  With BBB it looks like they just concentrated on making a fun game and just throw you around different game settings like pirates, some japanese type place, and a mishmash full of Mario homages and the like. It’s never quite as funny as it thinks it is but, eh, still seems like a blast. Also 2 player Co-Op helps.

Next up: 0 day Attack on Earth

I guess Squareenix wanted to get into the twin stick shooter race and, well they sure took their time with it. 0DAOE you pilot a variety of aircraft (some that magically hover) versus some crazy War of the Worlds walkers.  Now why would anyone want to play this after Super Stardust, Geometry wars and any of the other entries in the crowded twin stick genre? Actually im not sure BUT the demo is eh pretty fun. You know not bad. Also it has 4 player co-op. Thats nothing to sneeze at. Maybe if you guys try the demo and get a kick out of it we can all go in on it. But also maybe not. I wouldn’t be heartbroken.


One thought on “XBLA Watch List

  1. I downloaded the 0 day demo but I still haven’t tried it. I guess it lacks a certain…FINE, I’ll try it Steve! JUST GET OUT OF MY HEAD!

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