Street Fighter IV: Are We Serious?

I imagine we’re all excited that the release date for SF4 is next week, but are any of us actually going to buy it?

Personally, I’m happy it’s coming but I’m not sure I will fall in love with this game. And that has nothing to do with my perceived quality of the game ( I think it will rule your face!). I just wonder do fighting games in general compel me anymore even one that has characters I absolutely adore?

I hope so but I’m unsure…

So how about you? Do you really want this game? And if so which platform? Because if it’s the 360 I have to get a fight pad.

I remember SF2 pizza parties on the SNES when I was in junior high, and our Third Strike nights which now seems like a lifetime ago. SO the social aspect is obviously what made Street Fighter for me. Can those moments be recreated over XBL or PSN?

I’m not so sure but if you’re all in I’ll give it a go…

…but I’m getting too old for this shit.


17 thoughts on “Street Fighter IV: Are We Serious?

  1. Yea this may be already the remains of nostalgia but i’m going to get this and try to love. It won’t be the same (especially those SF3 shenanigans which break my heart to think about. Halcyon days….) but hey we can try. For those of us in the same state i’d like to try and get a physical street fighter “party” together and play this from the same couch. Hey Mike want to fly up? My biggest problem with playing this on XBLA is that we have to fight each other. Maybe I just want to play games where we can be buddies still.

  2. It’s also important to note that “Cosplay Cammy” up there was nowhere near any of our previous Street Fighter parties. I never thought i’d see a day where you could punch that into google without bracing yourself. Now they’re like, a dime a dozen.

  3. I will buy an product that endorses Sagat, simple as that. I am going to buy and it and get schooled by ever one I know, just like I always have, and when no ones around I am going to put on my yellow sleeveless Gi and pretend to be Ken’s brother Ben, just like I always have.

  4. Maybe a problem, since it looks like there will not be online lobbies (i.e. waiting your turn and spectating online) for SF4 out of the box. Maybe they’ll patch it, but SF4 might not live up to the expectations that SSF2HDRemix has set up.

    Going 360, just cause I’ve paid for my Live subscription.

  5. I’m not so sure myself. I’ll wait until some reviews come out next week. I’m having problems even playing games at the moment.

  6. I refuse to let the past go. Lets try and make something out of this shit. When does it come out?

  7. This week dood. I may be a few days behind the curve though as I have to wait for GameFly to send it to me. And they haven’t exactly been Captain Reliable lately.

  8. These old hands are numb just like old times. Some quick notes the in game graphics are spectacular and give me that “old capcom feeling” liked I hope they would. The game plays like a dream except in this dream M. Bison beats me up for a while. Now if it wasn’t for the Usher sounding opening movie (seriously, who did that) we would be looking at a perfect product. And the anime cutscenes (they almost feel like american anime) can’t even match the level of the in game graphics. Capcom is seriously approaching the 3d that feels like 2d look i’ve been waiting for for years. Like if they could crank out a Megaman legends that looked like this we would be getting somewhere. Anyways this shit is rocking and I look forward to getting beat by Peter at it.

    p.s. Also don’t look at the art on the inside of the DVD cover. Again whats with the subpar in a sea of beauty.

  9. Jesus I think I’m doing a 180 on that ridiculous theme song. It’s simply been in my head all damn day. Must be some sort of musical Stockholm syndrome. “In-D-stuct-able!….”


    1. Regarding anime cutscenes: They should have done it like the RIVAL intros they have. Those are actually really fun to watch, especially when Fei Long is talking Japanese to English Speaking Abel.

      I’m playing with the stock 360 controller until my fight pad comes in monday, but I’m liking the new characters quite a bit. Also like that they brought back my favorite ‘new warriors’ (Fei Long and Cammy) and some Alpha favorites (Rose, Sakura, Dan, and Gen).

      Gouken is nothing like Akuma. He’s almost like Geese Howard reskinned as a Shoto. Seth is just the usual pastiche end boss with other characters moves. Screw Akuma, I’m never playing as him by principle.

  10. Akuma is dope how dare you! I will take Seth as a final boss over Gil any day cause that bastard was cheap

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