The Hidden Cost Of 3G iPhones

Chad and I recently had a discussion about buying the new 3G iPhone.

Chad: Yay!

Me: Nay!

I made up my mind before I stumbled upon this article on

Now I’m not saying this somehow makes me wiser but…

Actually I based my decision on the fact that there is no 3G in Alaska. It was a pretty easy decision but I do feel better about missing the second generation boat.


2 thoughts on “The Hidden Cost Of 3G iPhones

  1. I have to ask, but do you guys think it was worth it to consolidate your mp3 player/cellphone/video player into one device?

    I don’t know if I’d want it as a phone, specifically, but not having to lug around 3 different devices for each task does sound appealing.

  2. I am only listening to more music, because of the iphone. I spent a year going through different Nokia phones, but something was always missing. I iphone isn’t perfect, but it does music and media so well that all other phones just fail. Yeah, I’m pissed that there is a new one coming out, but it does address a lot of the problems of the original and I have the money at the moment.

    I’m not thrilled about the cost bump to use it, but the services it provides are more varied and faster, of course. I just hope I can get my hands on one on launch day next month.

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