Soooo….what happened to MH3?

Was it the Captial One Viking comercials? Or the sub-par WiiSpeak chat? Maybe you just spent countless hours with the PSP game and feel too burned out to start all over again (Animal X-ing, Im thinking of you). What happened to turn you guys off from this game? The lack of a Lego’s version?

I was browsing through our old posts from the last couple years (looking for something else) when I saw Steve, Chad, & Peter getting pumped about Tri. For some reason it seems to have fallen off of everyones radar. And I dont mean just you guys, I mean pretty much everyone.

Its well deserved silent treatment from the “real” gamers who have been disappointed in Wii’s catalog, but at the same time I feel bad that we finally get a AAA title from a major 3rd party dev, who gave us deep game with a robust online multiplayer (with no friend codes…sort of), and Im getting ready to watch the sales numbers come in…probably really low. Again.

I really tried to give Wiispeak a chance on this, and Im glad they took the time to put it in the US version..but it sucks. And I dont think WiiSpeak sucks in general, it was awesome on Endless Ocean 2. Maybe there is a correlation between chaotic action on screen to quality of voice compression? Who knows. Skype is the way to go for the guys Ive been playing this with.

Despite that flaw, the game has been a blast for me. Ive worked offline when I havent been able to get on with friends (who are just 2 others, Mike and Aaron..and even then its been an every other week event). Going online to group up with buddies, and even strangers has been awesome. I praise the game, and look forward to probably a hundred more hours of this before I move on.

That said…Id like to re-extend the invitation back to you folks. If I do reach a large number like 100 hrs, and fail to play one game with a total war party with three of my friends- I will be sorely disappointed.

Lets suit up, and lets do it soon. Don your Tharkwad armor. Load that Mythril PuhperChute gun with some Crag ammo and lets go take on the giant gila monster looking thing in the Degobah-ish swamp map.


7 thoughts on “Soooo….what happened to MH3?

  1. Wii Speak is atrocious, and the fact you can’t play single player and then get a message from friends when they jump online? That sucks too. So to basically play with friends, all coordination to play a game has to take place outside of the Wii and MH3.

    However, it’s still a lot of fun and I’ve been making headway in the single-player. I am now in “the busy season” so I won’t be around much to play but I will give all concerning parties a heads up when I can play online. Hope to see more of you online soon.

  2. Good to hear..I figured you were busy. Aaron has also been hard to nail down, and with his wife owning the Wii when SMG2 comes out, it will only get tougher for him.

    Ill keep pushing through the single campaign to spruce up my skills & items for the next group hunting party.

  3. Sometime I wonder if Yahtzee actually plays these games…he say’s the big monsters dont fight each other, but Ive run into that exact scenario dozens of times..offline and online.

    He’s spot on though about the gathering stuff. Nothing sucks worse than getting ready to run off on a quest with your friends only to find no one has a trap or youre all out of healing potions.

  4. haha…this is what I was thinking

    “Judging by his rant, he only played the first half of the 1* offline missions.”

  5. HAHAHAHAHAH That rant was funny… and he made some valid points but i mean seriously… it was pretty uncalled for… its a pretty hectic game 🙂

    and yeah ian i agree he probs only did play the first half of the 1* offline missions…

    But yeah… GO MH3!!! 😀

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