New art assault!

By Steve

I made some art! I’ve been pimping it in really every place that I could too. Im so shameless. Do note the logo in the upper left corner, ninjas!

Also a new blog

Me and Peter got the fire in us. Stand back!


4 thoughts on “New art assault!

  1. I’m standing as far back as possible (Alaska) and my skin is still blistering! Super excited to see what you and Peter are cooking! Also stay tuned to the blog I have a message coming shortly.

  2. I like the Tengu logo. Is it based of that cool Raven that you had? …i wish i had a raven, Odin had ravens you know

  3. the tengu logo is actually based off of this image

    And we just owned a crow. Ravens are massive and she was fairly tiny.

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