We all fall down….

… Like Toy Soldiers! Whoa where did this come from it looks fantastic. Joystiq take it away:

This week Toy Soldiers kicks off Microsoft’s month-long XBLA Block Party. While a tower defense game at its core, the game adds a small twist to the genre, allowing players to take control over individual towers and units. In other words, if you think your sniper tower is focusing on the wrong units, you can snap into first-person control and do something about it.

… Thanks! Im seriously digging the look of this game. It almost looks like tilt/shift  photography or something. And I absolutly ADORE the toybox look. I’m not sure what the multiplayer situation is but if it has one id sure as heck like to play it.

Since I cant get the video to show heres a video for “Toy Soldiers” from Martika to get everyone in the mood. What mood, im not sure….


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