And now….a taste of things to come.

By Ian

I have to make a list like this for myself every 6 months or so, to remind what games are in the pipeline. I have to do this because (quality) Wii games for my tastes are far and few in between, and this gives me just a little hope.

Xenoblade: Baten Kaitos studio (awesome level design, terrible battle system) comes back to Wii with an intriguing name suggesting a revisit to the Xeno franchise.

Metroid- Other M: Nintendo teams up with the Team Ninja team. Team team. Team. I chose a 1st person image, but most of the shots are 3rd the game will likely be a jump from the previous 3. Which brings up a good point. What the hell is Retro studio doing nowadays…?

Epic Mickey: The creator of Deus Ex tackles a Disney think tank project first conceived loooong ago (in the 80’s, I believe). Disney actually traded the rights of Al Michaels to get back Walt’s first character- Oswald the Rabbit, which he lost early on in his career. The story of the game is that Oswald, and all the other forgotten/bad characters have their own little twisted world based on the Disney universe. Micky has fallen into that world, and can either help them…or fuck them over and become EVIL MICKEY.

Monster Hunter Tri: 4 player online co-op, and Wii Speak being added as we speak (2pts, Jones). Im looking forward to my first MH game, and hopefully a first REAL rich online experience on the console.

RedSteel 2: Im probably one of only a few that liked the first game. Many people tried it, felt the controls were weak in the first hour or so of the game and never tried it again. Unfortunately your character got better with training and added not only more moves, but better accuracy/speed and other attributes. The art was a little lacking, but I dug the experience. The sequel uses MotionPlus and boasts to correct any wrist flicking or bi-directional shortcomings from the first game. It also has a nifty Borderline-ish cell shade look and a new art direction.

Sin & Punishment 2: Already out in Japan, and set to come stateside soon. Sequel to a game that Nintendo refused to bring to the US (originally) because it was too violent. This was around the time they made Rare change Jet Force Gemini because it was also too mature. I tried the first one on VC and its a fun shooter. I only wish I had played it when it was current as old 3D games seem to age less graceful than their 2D siblings.

Endless Ocean2: I dont care what you say- I loved the first one. It was one of the most peaceful and relaxing experiences Ive had on a gaming system. It actually is VERY similar looking & sounding to real life snorkeling/diving and the exploration is surprisingly deep. It can be much darker than the “SeaWorld” aura it gives off, to the point some freaking looking creatures in the black deep waters are almost scary when you find them far below where the sun ceases to penetrate. The sequel boasts wiispeak support for the coop online mode, and for a limited time will be bundled together for only $30. A few of us have already pre-ordered it.

The Last Story: The creator of Final Fantasy left to make his own studio with 2 games in mind. One for the iphone, and apparently the other is for Wii. Final Fantasy…Last Story. Sounds similar…heres hoping for something familiar, yet new & refreshing on this JRPG.

And of course there is Mario Galaxy2 and the next Legend of Zelda..but neither have a site, nor any images worth showing. So we’ll keep quiet on them until after E3.


3 thoughts on “And now….a taste of things to come.

  1. Yea I approve of all of these…. even statistically oneor two of them will fall flat. Wait that isnt very positive of me. Go Video Games!!

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