For Coco.

The picture speaks for itself.


Just in case you’re not totally apprised of all the recent Late Night drama, this video should tidy everything up for you. RECOMMENDED


13 thoughts on “For Coco.

  1. At this time due to the needs of our affiliates, we here at NBC are going to have to ask you to move your blog back to Geocities or a Tripod hosted site. We’ve given this blog every chance to succeed, but the traffic is not up to our [NBC/Universal] standards.

  2. I dont get why everyone is so fucking upset…My show starts at 4:30am and leads into the Woody Woodpecker & Chilly Willy hour before Body by Jake takes over.
    None of my friends even believe my show is still on the air!! FUCK YOU, FIRECROTCH OBRIEN!!!

  3. Wow didnt think these high caliber personalities like this read our sight. Also Carson Daly. Zing!

  4. Who’s Carson Daly? Oh wait…he’s that guy that fucked Tara Reid back when her boobs were still symmetrical and human-ish.

  5. totally, Mike! That video is the bombdiggity 🙂

    So do you guys want to go suck off some senior citizens, or what?

  6. Which has been some of Conans funniest work by the way. Its a real shame that Conan had to lose the Tonight Show for his show to find its groove.

  7. Yeah, I have to admit I didnt watch any of his show after the switch..but I have been recording the episodes this week, and it is really hilarious.

    I forgot how much I love Andy too..did you guys see him beat the living crap out of Wolf Blitzer on Jeopardy?

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