The MaldenCast Episode 513


Appropriately in time for the holiday weekend it’s a very NSFW episode of the MaldenCast. Seriously, we have no idea what got into us or how things went down hill so quickly.

This week we talk CES, True Companions, Steve’s frogs, Mike’s balls, Gil’s impending irrelevance and Chad going all Ted Kaczynski on us. Ian also stops by to talk about games. Speaking of…

The Games:
Bayonetta, Borderlands, Ace Combat Xi, Castlevania: Rebirth and some more goddamn Ogre Battle.

The Music: Teddy Pendergrass (RIP) Jay Reatard (RIP) and Vic Chestnutt (RIP)

Links and additional show notes after the jump.

Click below to listen.

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Direct Download


iPhone Pick! Ace Combat Xi Hook Champ

Meet your True Companion, Roxxxy. And the Something Awful video mentioned in the show.

A Boris Vallejo primer. And you too can own the gift of Vallejo for a whole year!

The iGUGU Game Core and Joystiq’s take.

Also Mike (ineloquently) touched on the Bayonetta debate of satire versus exploitation. Here are two sides of that debate from a woman’s perspective. Something this site is woefully unequipped to provide.

Here is Leigh Alexander’s editorial for GamePro. And a counterpoint provided by Tiff Chow via her personal blog.

Also Christian Nutt of Gamasutra also provides a lengthy essay on the aesthetics of Bayonetta.


8 thoughts on “The MaldenCast Episode 513

  1. I did all the heavy lifting this week. So, the next person to put up a post, I’ll comment the shit out of it.

    Also, Steve you never pimped the podcast on facebook.

    1. btw, did I miss the Top Ten list or is that being held back for when we need a Nielsen ratings bump?

      1. Nope, my new work schedule is sucking out my will to post. I’ll have it up soon. Thanks again for all your write-ups, gang.

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