Is that Red Hot Rumble 2???!!!!!

Nope, its Tatsunoko Vs Capcom.

Anyone planning on picking this up…? I know you guys are probably still smitten/sick of that sweet-ass HD SF game but Ive heard good things about this game….has online play, I believe. 


9 thoughts on “Is that Red Hot Rumble 2???!!!!!

  1. Everything about this game looks like hot shit except for the fact that its a fighting game. I mean i like fighters but really when I think about it its more about the characters and the wierdness. Im not really all that competitive let alone with you guys and especially not with random online idiots. I think this would be something I would get just get to play on occasion and look at the graphics and sort of reflect on nostalgia. And if it had some sort of museam mode or some cool things to unlock like Smash Bros. Id be all over it. Just much like SF4 and Smash Bros. Brawl (Im sad to say I really barely played it) I think despite the best intentions this wouldnt get the attention it deserves. Unless we all decide to move back in together. Any takers?

  2. The more ive looked into it, the more it screams rental.

    I have zero clue who anyone from Tatsunoko is, its missing my fav SF characters and have a feeling playing as V-Joe probably isnt as fun as the real game.

    Maybe when it his $20…and since no one buys “mature” wii games, that should be by March. Did you guys see Zack & Wiki (one of the best games on Wii, hands down) only sold 126,000 in the last two years!!??

    God damn…

    1. Related: I JUST changed my Av to reflect my current shaved head state, so yeh.

      Also, Steve is tanner than me for some reason. ???

  3. Apparently IGN loved this game…9/10.

    I’ll probably pick it up at some point…once Im done with NMH2 or MH3.

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