I’m kind of excited by RoboGief.

I mean, just look at him.  He’s a fucking robot!


4 thoughts on “I’m kind of excited by RoboGief.

  1. Are they referencing Colossus (from xmen) or something. Also the Haggar outfit makes me just want Haggar. come on just give him the same moves. Its like w wrestling version of Ken and Ryu!

  2. btw I found SF2 CE (PC Engine) snuck its way onto the Virtual Console which was THE best version of that console generation..it never came to the states, but that didnt stop me.

    I imported it for $120 (PCE/TG16 games were the normal $20-40 usually, Castlevania X being the exception) and had to get a convertor box thingy and cut some shit off the plastic sides with shears while being guided over a long distance call to the NY shop that sold it to me.

    I remember spending hours & hours playing that game on every star level, for every character in order to see every possible ending…it was awesome.

    I also remember flaunting my SF2 skills to Matt from art school, and we played one game and I beat him with a bunch of cheap shots then Steve/Mike declared me the all time champion and we left for the bar while Minton was whining for a rematch.

    1. Minton still does the whining for rematches in SF4. I’m actually hankering for some MvsC 2, just cause I was playing Project Justice on my friends Dreamcast, and also how out there it gets. Something about tag matches that are plain fun versus the serious “competitive” scene of HD Remix and SF4. Mind you you’ll still have your broken characters (Hi Gold War Machine).

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