OverClocked Remix Turns 10

Hard to believe that OCRemix has been around ten years. The site is still an absolute treasure. They now have thousands of single track remixes and more than a dozen community made albums.

If you’ve strayed away from their loving embrace, pay them a visit, wish them Happy Anniversary and grab Castlevania: Sonata of the Damned on your way back to whatever corner of the internet you’re holed up in these days.


2 thoughts on “OverClocked Remix Turns 10

  1. And also….
    Dude. Ive known about this for a while and havent shared it. I suck. So remember ocremixes nemesis vgmix from the great vgremix wars? they still exist and are still pretty unprofessional by comparison. BUT they do have a contest everymonth called “dwelling of duels” and it fairly often has some pretty hot shit in it. They usually go with a monthly theme for example “Goemon month”. Pretty good stuff. Also the Miniobosses are somehow involved with this i think

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