Congratulations To The Yankees!

They have the greatest third baseman of all-time!

A-Rod Centaur Portrait
Alex Rodriguez Centaur Portrait

I give you this link to the tent pole of the fourth estate, US Weekly. And credit to Chad as he was the first to mention this story to me.

Oh I guess the Yankees won something of importance today as well. Yay.


6 thoughts on “Congratulations To The Yankees!

  1. Theory: Perhaps A-Rod truly is a centaur. In exchange for a huge chunk of his vast fortune and the occasional Yankee dog (is that a real thing?), a dark wizard obscures his lower form in the guise of a man. This Wizard also has a seat between Sean Hannity and Keith Olberman ( ) who form a magical yin/yang to stabalize his corrupt powers long enough for him to stay in our world. A-Rods centaurian body no doubt accounts for his heightened athleticism. And since centaurs naturally produce more testosterone then Man i’m sure that where the steroid problems came from. I would say lets hit the tape and check for invisible hoof prints in the sand behind him and dirt flung up from bucking.

  2. I have studied at least 300 hours of A-Rod footage. Not to burst your bubble but I have yet to uncover hoof prints in the infield dirt.

    However part of the bargain with the aforementioned “dark wizard” may be to obscure those as well.

  3. It all makes sense now. Its pretty common knowledge that Dark Magic (or more properly Majick) can only obscure physical forms and not elemental anomalies such as water, dust, etc. But, duh, Kabala can handle all that stuff no sweat. That’s why he had to do it with Madonna.

  4. 1.) yes and we managed to keep our composure. Excpet I cant really remember the rest of the night.

    2.) Prepare the scented oils im coming over.

    1. If my kid could read, I’d be closing my browser window right now. He can’t, so I’ll just laugh out loud maniacally.

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