Your (Most homoerotic) dreams have been answered!

I’ll let it speak for itself….

Who let the girl in?


10 thoughts on “Your (Most homoerotic) dreams have been answered!

  1. Wait we can play one of these on vc right now? CHO ANIKI PARTY!

    Also Ian you should come drink with me and Mike. Just like we never did but should have.

  2. Dude we posted at the same exact time mike. Basically like getting oiled up together…….

    ….. I threw up on my keyboard.

  3. Im actually thinking of burning my last Wii points to try this game now…

    When are you guys going out? Mike and I tied one on last night watching some baseball action…had a slight hangover this morning in fact :/

  4. ok so 1) did you guys survive the weekend? I never heard back about the magical podcast session for sunday. I have visions of you two wandering around downtown (hammered) friday night…barfing taco meat all over homeless folks.

    2) I went ahead and bought this awesome Cho Aniki game for wii last week..and man it is both hilarious, and actually a really good shooting game! At first I didnt even seen the ghey references…then I got a satellite upgrade, which turned out to be a dude in a banana hammock shooting lasers out of his head. Freaking sweet!

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