The MaldenCast Episode 510


This week: Skypers need not apply.

Chad, Mike and Steve are all in the same room. Along with their good friends, bourbon and beer.

The Games: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Thexder Neo and Dead Space: Extraction

The Music: Pato Pooh ft. Adam Tensta, We Were Promised Jetpacks and The Mountain Goats

Click below to listen.

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6 thoughts on “The MaldenCast Episode 510

  1. I think the multiple Lego discussions could rival the Mike & Ian Sporttalk for “most listeners throwing down headphones in extreme boredom” award 😉

    Are we doing another one before you leave, Mike? (when are you leaving btw…?)

  2. Hey at least Legos are nerdy. Get with the program jock! Also there is a flaw in your logic. You said listeners. Busted! 😛

    Yea we should do this again. I believe we have a theme for the next show…

  3. If you’re doing one on Monday, I’ll take a day off drawing night and come on down. I expect Pizza of some sort. I also accept Spaghetti.

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