as in, when is our next one. With Mike coming to town in the coming weeks we have a magic opportunity for lighting to strike twice and kill two birds with one stone. Ok, I lost control of that metaphor but you know what i mean.  Can we pull off a seattle convergence: part deux? I’m all for it. we can even do it at my house since im the only one here who has enough chairs for it. In fact too many chairs so please take one as you leave. Anyways whats the consensus on this?


5 thoughts on “Podcast!?

  1. convergence sounds sweet…we could do it at my pad (plenty o seats as well) but will have to destroy both dogs to deter constant barking on the jam session

  2. That picture is F’n A-dorable! Well, I’ll be there for over two weeks so we could do one show that accommodates one and then the other.

    However, I cannot supply my own chairs at this time…

  3. Ooh its like Pokemon. ok kids will you choose “Maldencast: Peter” or “Maldencast: chad”? Gotta catch em all!

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