The Metroid Prime Trilogy: Nintendo’s Citizen Kane?

Metroid is Citizen Kane?
Metroid is Citizen Kane?

Nintendo’s Video Game Masterpiece

Michael Thomsen, author of IGN’s Contrarian Corner, proposes that The Metroid Prime Trilogy is video gaming’s Citizen Kane. What’s even more impressive, it was a piece for ABC News complete with a Charlie Gibson intro.

In Thomsen’s Contrarian Corner he generally takes a very critical look at a game that becomes a darling of reviewers. Often he provides a unique perspective on a game drowning in praise and sometimes it seems like he’s reaching a bit to make a point. It’s a shame he’s locked behind IGN Insider’s closed doors because whether you agree or not, his reviews are more thought provoking than most.

Watch the video and see if he throws a strike or if he’s just a bit outside. And if you have a game or series that you would nominate for gaming’s Citizen Kane, please share.


2 thoughts on “The Metroid Prime Trilogy: Nintendo’s Citizen Kane?

  1. You know the one game that has universal appeal that I can think of? TETRIS. Everyone has played some version of Tetris, either on a gameboy, PC or one of those 1 out of 999 game devices.

    Its simple, addictive, and there is really no way you can truly improve its gameplay. There have been additions to its mechanics, but it never changes the fact that you do good in the game by creating solid lines. Hell, my in-laws in Vietnam play Tetris. Its universal.

    I guess if we’re talking Citizen Kane of gaming, their’s a laundry list of games that are adored by critics but don’t really appeal to the masses (my take on Citizen Kane). I think people put Citizen Kane because of the technical aspects of Cinematography and the way the movie is cut than any actual enjoyment of the story being told (its really boring). So I can’t come up of anything in gaming other than the usual Donkey Kong/Mario/Doom/Halos. The defining games of their respective genres that bring something new and sort of change the landscape.

    The reasoning that Metroid Prime is like Citizen Kane is lame. I would rather they compare it to Casablanca. Something that doesn’t really tell anything new and innovative, but does something rote and by the book so well that it rises above its formula to become something spectacular.

  2. Hmmm this strikes me as a Game journalistmaybe looking for some attention. Though maybe I should try and read the thing.

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