Brickcon 09: Good for something!

In short: I attended Brickcon 09. It was pretty fun, exhausting, and a lot like the floor of the NYSE. And at times a bit underwhelming. It seemed to rely more on grand spectacle (I stuck everything I own together!) instead of tight well done pieces. Those were there to (I will post picks soon enough) just sometimes overshadowed by jokers. BUT lego themselves did announce something quite grand…

Behold this beast. As the lego pirates line meets its close they have decided to go out in some seriously grand style. Though i certainly have some issues with certain parts of the set there is a lot to like. This is about as close to the Master and Commander license as i’m ever going to see.  What I also gathered from the show is that I can hold my own against these guys no problem next year. Shits going to get dorky!


6 thoughts on “Brickcon 09: Good for something!

  1. The sails seem a little corny and it looks like a lot of the ship is pre-fabricated. However, it does look cool.

    If you do enter next year I’ll be sure to attend.

  2. I’ll meet you in the middle. Upon further review I can’t NOT see the flaws in its prefab design. BUT I still think its pretty sweet! I can’t wait to make my own lego Russel Crowe!

    …………… was that last part out loud?

  3. Just looking at the cut-away pics I’m just in love with the level of detail. And from what I saw it looked less pre-fab than my initial impressions. Also, a 1,664 piece count? There be bricks in there, there be bricks…

  4. Damn I missed that. That is a lot of parts. Well shit, anchors away!

    Also I like how this basically became :Lego Talk with Mike and Steve”. Future Podcast?

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