Yep, I’m An Idiot!


So I did the unthinkable and purchased a PSPgo.

Now you may be screaming at your monitor: “It’s $250!” “It Doesn’t even play UMD’s!” “You’re a moron, and Sony is the DEVIL!”

All valid points, to be sure, as I don’t have a counter argument for any of them. I can only justify the purchase to myself because I have some traveling to do and disposable income at the moment. I have a 2000 and I just never play it due to it’s size. I know I have some issues to work through but I was basically embarrassed to pull it out in any kind of public setting. The smaller size will, in my mind, lead me to actually use it. Also having up to 16gb (actually 14) of games available without allocating storage space in my bag to UMD’s is pretty convenient.

Holy Invasion Of My Wallet, Sony!
Holy Invasion Of My Wallet, Sony!

I’m a big proponent of digital distribution and let’s just say I have some “firmware” incompatibilities that prevent my old PSP from enjoying a few of the Download only games on the PSP. Which brings me to my biggest gripe with the system. Sony’s pricing of it’s content. I picked up the two NIS games that went on sale at launch (Prinny and Badman) because they seemed more than reasonably priced.

Going forward I’ll try my best to only purchase games that are priced below the MSRP of the UMD. It’s just ridiculous that a download cost the same or more(!) than a physical retail copy. I know Sony is coddling retail with this pricing structure but it is at the expense of it’s consumers. Hopefully this will change down the road but as of right now I don’t think the system is too overpriced, it’s the software.


5 thoughts on “Yep, I’m An Idiot!

  1. Yeh, I only played my PSP when I was in a hotel room. There should be newer Custom Firmware that let’s you get PSN games working. My only concern with the PSPGo is if I can still use the ISOs of my PS1 games by just dragging them into the PSP folder.

    Also, how’s the screen? Is the controller placement better or worse?

  2. The screen is great. No notice of the ghosting problems with 1000/2000 and none of the interlacing problems of the 3000.

    The control placement might be more subjective. I haven’t had any problems (cramping, missed button taps) but I haven’t really had a marathon session with it either.

    And as far as custom firmware on the older models, I was just tired of flashing new custom firmware on it to stay compatible. My 2000 is stable and plays about 10,000+ games. My formula is: Time > Money.

  3. Also, Metal Gear Solid Peacewalker Japanese Demo is up at IGN. See how that works on the PSPGo. I’ve been playing it on my PSP 1000 and its pretty good. Controls like MGS4 and everything, except for no crawling on your stomach.

    I actually want to try some of the Coop for Peace Walker. Apparently your character will look like Snake, while everyone else is a Blaclava dude and vice versa.

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