Um, Yeah…


So I know I haven’t been leading the charge here but the blog does still work. Just saying…

Also, who want’s to Podcast Wednesday Thursday Monday?


26 thoughts on “Um, Yeah…

  1. Its not like I haven’t been doing my part. Go kick some dirt at Steve or Chad. I’ve got a JAPANESE RUBBER SUIT TV SHOW INTROS #6 to work on.

  2. And they have all been very much appreciated, Peter.

    1 game back the Twinkies are, sweating much, Ian?

    Also the podcast question is still out there, flapping in the breeze.

  3. of course im sweating…but the better team will win, so i must trust destiny.

    tomorrow depends on the time…nother night game with the twinkies.

  4. dont plan around me, ill do my best to meet whatever time works best for everyone.

    chad is the big MIA anyways. i miss that goofy bastard.

  5. He’s a writer now. He has big, important writing things to do.

    Also another peak into the crystal ball has thursday looking a little better for me as well.

  6. Im currently on the Bataan Death march to finish this goddam game. SO i can’t be counted on 😦 at least for another month.

    1. Just 100% this game. Loved it. I don’t know if I can podcast. I have to watch my kid since the wife works nights. If we’re talking around 9pm, I could probably do that (if I could get him to sleep at that time)

  7. I’ll be working, so I have an excuse. I’ll be glad to join in for a talk on Monday or Tuesday nights from time to time, but I won’t be able to record and edit anymore. It just takes too much time. Besides, I met a pretty girl, who is taking up my time as well right now. This goofy bastard misses you too, Ian.

  8. Yeah, my schedule is all over the place from week to week. Gotta love retail. If we can agree upon a set day to do a podcast, I will do my best to be a part of it. This website lives after all.

  9. Well, I guess monday would work. It’ll be less than 2 hours and shit, you guys spend more time watching Project Runway than that.

  10. Thank you, Mike. I’ll let you know if I can participate on Monday. I may have a new niece or nephew by then.

  11. I do have a request regarding podcasts. Can we not do the Best/Worst routine. I think the flow of the podcast is to herded in with that layout.

  12. So heres my defense of best/ worse. Segmenting. I dont want to slam our own podcast but by dividing the show up into at least several big chunks it makes it just a little easier to swallow. If you listen to some of our older shows it kind of becomes a problem. Like one giant run on sentence. I did some focus testing with some “listeners” (like three) and it seems when the rambling rambles on a bit too long, listeners shut off. And with all due respect our old shows kinda have flow problem. Like they are directionless and kinda puts us in the category of every other podcast on the net. So I don’t really care if its best/worst or what but I do think we need some way to at least pretend to differentiate between “lets talk about games” and “lets talk about movies” or whatever. It also makes it easier to end a segment and splice in some music and make it more palatable on the listener.

    Heck maybe im just a morning zoo dj at heart 🙂 Man the sound board!

  13. Hold on to your butts, things are about to get WAckY! bobittybobittybobittybobittybobittybobitty sproing fart donkey sound explosion

  14. I don’t have a problem with “lets talk games/movies” but going round robin talking about what was cool this week takes up too much time. If someone has 3-4 Best of things, a good 20 minutes just past with everyone talking about only one persons best of list. Then we have to do a worst list to follow up. 20 minutes x 2 list x 4 guys =160 minutes of just talking about our favorite things. Shit, by the time we get to the last guy on the panel, I’m already worn out.

    I’ll be honest, I think the best podcast we had was the first one. We had a games section, then a movies section with a guest speaker (Lacey) thrown in. Then the REUNION one with Mike and Company live is a good second.

  15. Well, it’s supposed to be one of each and while I know we love some rambling, it’s never gone 160 minutes.

    I’m going to draft up some pre-show notes that will show the format for this week. We will give it a shot, if it doesn’t work we’ll try something else.

  16. I certainly see your point Peter. I do think we could use some discipline. But i also think its helped give us a jump off point to some of our funnier topics. I’m anxious to see what mike has up his sleaves. I think what we all agree on is this. Lets not be too rigid with the segmenting. Also lets not have a meandering fanboy mess that no one wants to hear. Ready break!

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