Japanese Rubber Suit TV Intros #5

Today’s entry is my personal introduction into this whole crazy mess:  KAMEN RIDER BLACK

The ingredients:  Badass no nonsense hero, so angry he cracks his knuckles when he HENSHIN, turns into cyborg bug…. thing.

And the theme song has that “You’ve wronged the innocent, you going down!!” vibe.


It also helps that he had a pretty tragic relationship with his stepbrother, Nobuhiko, who has become his rival Shadow Moon (basically an Evil Rider).

On personal recommendation, if you have to start watching any Japanese Rubber Suit TV shows, Kamen Rider Black is considered a go to classic.


One thought on “Japanese Rubber Suit TV Intros #5

  1. I must apologize for not commenting on this. Its truly the grand finale of rubber suit intros and deserves commendation. Thanks for these peter Ive enjoyed the hell out of em!

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