Gundam + Andrew W.K. = ????

So it looks like Andrew WK is doing a cover album of all of the Gundam songs.  No really.  See.


5 thoughts on “Gundam + Andrew W.K. = ????

    1. Weird, huh. Its like 2 things that you like, but are completely unrelated, have some how converged and formed an alliance of awesome. *sharkandbearhigh5.jpg*

      What I found out that really gets my goat? That Andrew W.K. can’t release anything in the States because he lost the rights to, get this, his OWN NAME. Jesus that’s just wrong. His other albums are released in Europe and Asia, so I guess he’s gaining a following everywhere else.

  1. I was wondering why he releases so msny international albums. How does something like that happen?

    1. From his wikipedia entry:

      In his early years, Andrew had signed an agreement with his creative manager which contractually bound him to certain terms, including the rights to the ANDREW W.K. name, and music. Due to an uncongenial parting with this manager in late 2005, Andrew was contractually prohibited from releasing CDs of his new music in the United States. Close Calls with Brick Walls was released in Japan and South Korea in July 2006. The Korean version includes 4 bonus tracks, while the special edition Japanese version contains a bonus DVD with footage found nowhere else in addition to the 18 tracks included in other releases.[2]
      In the US a vinyl-only edition of the album was released on Load Records in August 2007, as vinyl was a convenient way around the USA compact disc restrictions.[2]

  2. Man there have to be some sort of laws in place to help a person keep from signing their life away.

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