So I guess a “Blade of the Immortal” anime is happening…

or already happened. I guess I was on the phone or something….

I do have a hunch why this fell so far under my (or anyone elses) radar.  It looks less then inspired. In fact it looks as anime by numbers as a show can get. I fell pretty far off the wagon on this series a Loooong time ago but I sure as heck remember Mike and I looking on first few books fondly. But with what we seem to have here they certainly got the plot down (almost too literally) but left out the style. No stylish fighting moves along the lines of Samurai Champaloo. No real atmosphere to speak of. Heck is there even motion blur? And what I find most distressing is the complete lack of an attempt at even hinting at the gritty penciled style of the manga. I guess i’m not too heartbroken as it just kinda squeeked out of nowhere sadly probably pretty far from the height of its popularity but I kinda wish that if they weren’t going to do it right they should have just not done it at all.

Heck maybe its awesome…


2 thoughts on “So I guess a “Blade of the Immortal” anime is happening…

  1. You should probably check out some of the later stuff in the Manga. Its starting to get pretty interesting.

    Also, this anime is kind of your typical late night anime production ala Witch Hunter Robin, Lain, etc. So the actual budget is pretty low, hence the not so great art style. Its not like Blade of the Immortal is super popular, so that’s not really a surprise.

  2. Yea I can concede to the “not popular” thing. I guess when you have a book thats so classy looking you expect all of its related products to be similar quality. I figure i’ll hit up those books in one big go someday. I really just stopped cause, at the time, they were pricey little buggers.

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