Playstation 3 is $299 and the PS3 Slim announced.

ps3 slim
ps3 slim

News out of Germany:

“Effective immediately, The Playstation 3, the world’s greatest gaming system, is available for $299…”  Announced by  SCEA President and CEO Jack Tretton via video at the Sony gamescom press conference. Tretton continues, “And it also has a new form factor featuring a slimmer, lighter version of the PS3.”

The PS3 “Slim” will be available September 1st.

So if you already own a PS3  you won’t be seeing a rebate check anytime soon. However, cheer up,  you just might have a new friend to play with in Home.


5 thoughts on “Playstation 3 is $299 and the PS3 Slim announced.

  1. Damn good thing I waited. And now, in the words of every video game news sight on the internet “Looks like the console wars are about to heat up.” or something…

  2. Well ill say this about the psp. as long as you dont spike it or anything it doesn’t just spontaneously malfunction like a lot of consoles out there. It might be SOOO heavy to lug around but my G1 psp is still going strong. Its a shame it didnt fulfill its destiny and properly relive the ps1/psp heyday much like the GBA relived the best of SNES. If it wasn’t for Monster Hunter I don’t think I would pick it up much.

  3. Man, the slim is about the same size as the OG PS2. Except not quite as ugly.

    Now if only SEGA would get their shit together. I’m still not happy about Ryu Ga Gotoku AKA Yakuza sequels not coming to the states.

  4. now thats a step in the right direction!

    if only I had time to play more games :(…stupid Tigers and their likely destiny to make the playoffs!!

    Anyways, I think Ill stick to my guns and wait for the *here comes the supercheap price* $199 tag before I throw down on a 2nd system…you know it will happen. Might be another 2 years, but it WILL happen.

    And by then, there will be more than a handful of games worth playing as well.

    Definitely makes me lean towards the Sony side though…I was equally balanced between 360 and PS3 but now that the price gap is much smaller….

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