Japanese Rubber Suit Tv Intros #3

One of a kind amongst henshin heroes, today’s entry is a modern day cowboy fighting the good fight against those who shot his best friend down in cold blood.  Also of note is that there are no monsters to fight, but over the top crying-freeman style gangsters.

Ken Hayakawa is a detective by day, but becomes the crimson avenger Kaiketsu Zubat when the need arises.  With a red powered jumpsuit (with long ass scarf) he must defeat his foes within the 5 minute power limit or he’ll self destruct (doesn’t make sense but lets just roll with it).

Inspiration for Viewtiful Joe and my own little 3d character here is KAIKETSU ZUBAT!!!


3 thoughts on “Japanese Rubber Suit Tv Intros #3

  1. Man that putting on the facemask scene was CHOICE!

    Also i’m going to be so bold to suggest that when Captain Commando shows up in his cowboy attire before henshin-ing into his costumed form it may be in homage to this.

    1. I’ve basically come to a conclusion that almost everything we love in Japanese videogames is a direct homage to rubber suit heroes in general. Its just that they have better budgets/time in games to polish the ideas into even more awesome execution.

      Next will be the inspiration for Q from 3rd Strike.

  2. Oh yea i agree. You can see japanese guys emulating their childhoods just like we do. Can’t wait for whatever detective robot you come up with!

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