Japanese Rubber Suit TV Intros #2

This has 3 of my favorite things:  Ninjas, Cars being driven wrecklessly, and explosions.

I give you Sekai Ninja Sen Jiraiya:

And his finishing move:


3 thoughts on “Japanese Rubber Suit TV Intros #2

  1. Do every one of these shows end up in that same rock quarry? I swear i’ve seen it before.

    Also love the slide across the office table.

  2. Yeh, rock quarries are easy to shoot in. No need for fire permits so blowing stuff up/explosives can be as epic as possible.

    The newer shows just use CG for all their explosions which opens up the places where they film at the expense of pure awesomeness. Plus there’s alot of that screaming teenager angst, which doesn’t hold a candle to some dude in a biker jacket swearing he’ll punish you in the name of JUSTICE!!

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