Japanese Rubber suit TV intros. Vol 1

I’m gonna start posting my favorite Japan Hero Tv Intros.  An on again/off again effort.

Today’s order is of the Metal Hero variety.  Tokkei Winspector.  As far as I can tell it was like Backdraft in cyborg bodies.  Gotta love that theme.  MAYDAY MAYDAY SOS!

And the Transformation for the main leader guy.


4 thoughts on “Japanese Rubber suit TV intros. Vol 1

  1. I love how the transformation basically shanges the car from white to red. Dont forget your floppy disk!

  2. Filmed in 2004, Cyberbio 1 was the first movie HERO FACTORY praise and led to the TAITOKU, a group of fans of tokusatsu in Thailand who also had repercussions in France and Canada. Without having any knowledge of special effects and without any action which was a big challenge, but the final product was expected and the idea of a tokusatsu Brazilian was fine with suitable rooms we had at the time. To get an idea of the computer we had was a k6-500 and bought a second hand camera whose battery would run only 30 minutes, often had to record the same scene, because the battery was just in the middle of filming that slowed much more .

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