Calling all Dorks!

I need your help.

Im one of the elite (nerds) that dropped a ton of cash on registration eligible Nintendo products to achieve PLATINUM status on club Nintendo.

Not only have I amassed well over 1,000 pts- I get a free “Thankyou!” gift from the boys at NOA. And by “Free”, I mean I paid for this shit 100 fold in my previous purchases.

Anyways, the official email went out this morning and I get to choose from:

A special edition of Punchout (wiiware) offering a fight with Doc, the trainer or a Mario cap.

Im pretty disappointed with both options…if the game was at least a hard copy with a case, manual and collectable disc- Id be pumped..but making it DLC burns me in the pooper.

Im not really into the hat either, other than the fact I can Ebay it to other nerds…help me pick the best (lame) choice


13 thoughts on “Calling all Dorks!

  1. Well..are you implying that I (being a nin-fan) should be a big Mario fan? Or that anyone in general would want it?

    ive never really been a fan of Mario…I liked a few of the platformers (MarioBros3, Marioworld, Galaxy)..but really disliked others. 1, 2, 64, Sunshine…

    Ive liked some of the spinoffs like Kart and Party..but have always leaned more towards Luigi. He’s the man.

    Mario is just a fucking asshole.

  2. Well I decided to rock the game….and my order worked, so maybe it just crashed earlier today (Chad, I have other friends that had errors while ordering both games and I think it was just a site problem).

  3. I’d go with the hat. I have almost no Mario merchandise. I’m just not keen on having stuff to get dusty in my work area now a days.

  4. Go with the game. The hat is more “collectible” but you get to fight Doc in a Punch Out game. That’s enough for me.

  5. i would of course give you the low down on the game, mike, however…..

    my order confirmation said the following, “thanks for your order. We will email your game code by NOVEMBER 1st.”

    wtf? It takes 3.5 months to send and email for a digital download?!!

    you have to pick your gift by August 11th, so im doubtful ill get it by then :/

  6. these are not the points, this is just a free gift for acquiring all the points. the free gift offer expires in a couple weeks, the points never expire.

    Mike and I are both hanging on to our club points for a while cause the prizes look like crap.

  7. I ordered the hat. I want the points I earned to go toward my ever increasing carbon footprint.

    Ian I look forward to hearing about you beating up Doc almost as much as I look forward to you discovering the shift key.

  8. Oh I know where the shift key is…it just doesnt work very well. been sticky ever since the new monster hunter 3 trailer came out.

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