The Death of “The Malden”

Karl Malden that is.  The latest to jump on hollywoods newest “dying” craze, it turns out our apartments “namesake” and all around actor guy has tragically passed away unexpectedly at 97. I honestly can’t say I know a whole heck of a lot about Karl Maldens career aside from 1) His name was the same as our apartment and 2) dude has a schnoz. I’m discovering now, in constant tributes flooding the cable news stations tonight, that he was also a pretty good actor, especially in Marlon Brando movies.

and remember “Don’t leave home without ’em.”


9 thoughts on “The Death of “The Malden”

  1. Don’t worry i’m sure a group of guys who lived in an apartment building called “The McNamara” are in mourning as well today.

  2. I used to think McNamara was an evil jerk…but the documentary “Fog of War” changed my mind. he practically begged jfk and lbj to get out of vietnam, but they wouldnt listen.

    He also brought seat belts to the auto industry when he ran Ford.

    great fucking movie.

  3. Yea I’m not certain that “The Fog of War” completely cleared RSM name of wrongdoing but it sure as heck injects a good deal of gray into the mix. What strikes me most is that I can never imagine Bush, Cheney or Rumsfeld spending the rest of their living years agonizing about the things that they did or why they did them. Even less dedication the rest of their times to worthwile cause like literacy or world poverty. Im sure we could argue about this all day……. (crickets)

    Regardless the movies mesmerizing. The Phillip Glass score is excellent.

  4. oh for sure..he still did some bad stuff. Like all the analyzing data for maximizing bomb run deaths on Japan.

    but as you said, he had some very real regret and self reflection on his actions…and considering how much blame he took and kept quiet about over the decades- says a lot about his character. He could have thrown the other guys under the bus long ago.

    Anyways, not a good man..but not as evil as I was taught in public schools.

    If nothing else that movie showed me how evil our country was…something Mike loves to flaunt when I get all sentimental about our nation’s historical intentions and integrity.

  5. BWHAAAA? I love America! How dare you?!

    But seriously, states are neither inherently good or evil. They almost always act in a way that is believed to be in their best interest. Now one could argue whether THAT system is good or evil but…

    Zombies, BFG, Pirates, Ninjas, Plumbers, Space Aliens! Phew… that was close.

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