Since I missed the podcast

Hey dudes. Because of podcast confusion, lack of communication, or just plain stupidity on my part, I missed talking shop on video games. So here’s my gaming update. I have officially stopped playing World of Warcraft. My account was hacked/comprimised for the second time in 5 years and that was the final nail in the coffin for me. It was fun and engrossing while it lasted but the experience has grown stale and repetitive. Since purchasing a DSI I have been immersed in portable gaming goodness. Henry Hattsworth is awesome and I’m still diligently playing my way through it. Just beat Lance and headed to underwater levels I’m assuming because of the pipe. I like the fact that the game has the oldschool mechanic of forcing you to get better as a player in order to progress. Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword is similar in that respect and has been fun so far with a great presentation, story, and intense combat. If you haven’t picked it up yet, I highly recommend it. I also picked up The World Ends With You on recommendation but haven’t really got into it in any depth so far. Looks promising what little I have played. Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ is a great cheap action game that is simple yet fun. A straight-forward shooter with twisted fairy tale references and zombies! Elite Beat Agents looks hilarious but so far I haven’t quite figured out the mechanics yet. My timing sucks and the game is very unforgiving. Polarium is another title I haven’t given enough time to. Its a simplisitc yet intriguing puzzler. Glory Days 2 is another hidden gem I found which reminds me of Choplifter mixed with strategic elements. The soundtrack is epic! On the DSIWare front, Art Style Aquia & Pictobits are stylish yet oddly confusing little puzzlers. Aquia baffles me. Dr. Mario Express is Dr. Mario goodness and is great for pick up and play. Wario Ware: Snapped because of the required camera use I haven’t played to much of but its Wario Ware so I’m sure if will be fun. Mighty Flip Champs is a fun, charming, retro puzzler that gets challenging quickly and may cause brainlock. The auto flip level I’m currently stuck on. Mario vs. Donkey Kong March of The Minis is a great little puzzler with lots of charisma and a level editor, sweet! And for 200 points apiece Paper Airplane Chase and Bird & Beans are great little time-killers. Next on my list of must haves is Retro Gaming Challenge, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, and The Legend of Starfy. Also excited for the DSIWare title Pop Island. Peace out for now.


7 thoughts on “Since I missed the podcast

  1. Speaking of games has anyone seen the Prototype trailer? Maybe this observations already been made but with the zombies running around and you being super strong with claw hands and the ability to change your arm into a shield…it looks like you are a Tyrant and are in the RE universe fighting an army of Hunks?

    that being said i think it looks like it could be cool

  2. My understanding of Prototype was that it was kind of open-world vomit. Multiple trajectories, kind of everywhere with no sense of purpose or direction. Sounds like a party!

  3. seems like the same kind of game as inFamous, which is kind of fun. The only trouble with inFamous is when i try to jump off something the dude grabs hold of everything on the way down. It severally lessens the cool factor of jumping of a building when you are “stuck” on a drain pipe or a ledge.

  4. E, sounds like you have your hands full with games right now..but I recently picked up a few more gems for the DS:

    Dragons Quest IV..remade NES game, previously never released in states(if I remember correctly)..a unique twist on traditional stat building RPGs. Kind of like a mix between Tarintino sub plot jumping and FF gameplay

    Frontline Mission…port of a SNES classic. Cross between advance wars and a Mech Warrior RPG.

    Valkyrie Covenant of the Plume…similar to FF Tactics, but much more adult in content and a REALLY cool player controlled action gameplay during the battles. Not only do you pick what kind of attack, you have to button mash during the attack for the actual moves and even better- crazy ass special moves combining anyone else near the encounter. Even Steve might like this one.

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