While You Were Podcasting…

…I was playing Starfy!

My internet had prevented me from podcasting but I couldn’t contain the joy, so I shared it with Steve. After the break is a transcript of that said joy. Enjoy!

Mike G. 6/15/09 8:44 PM
sorry dude, I couldn’t hear anything

Steve Snoey 8:44 PM
no worries. catch ya later mang

Mike G. 9:02 PM
I’m playing Starfy
9:03 PM
I just punched a Fry Kid

Steve Snoey 9:03 PM
weee sounds fun

Mike G. 9:04 PM
There was a space rabbit named Bunston he has (SPOILERS) amnesia

Steve Snoey 9:04 PM
Ah man I gotta get in on this.

Mike G. 9:05 PM
I tried to give him some crystal and he flipped out on me
9:06 PM
There’s a mermaid in a clam shell who saves the game for me
9:06 PM
I think she has an eating disorder
9:06 PM
I’ll get back to you

Steve Snoey 9:10 PM
that may be the best game ever

Mike G. 9:10 PM
There’s a lazy crab (depressed maybe?) named herman, he makes me do everything for him

Steve Snoey 9:10 PM
this sounds like a bad dream
9:10 PM
or great dream

Mike G. 9:13 PM
my clam friend Moe, seems like a good guy but all he cares about is money. Mollusks and their greed disappoint me sometimes…

Steve Snoey 9:22 PM

Mike G. 9:24 PM
This game is turning my turtle into a hamburger
9:25 PM
Oh, just punched THREE Fry Kids in a row. Ray Croc is positively spinning in his grave.
9:27 PM
Eating disorder CONFIRMED

Steve Snoey 9:27 PM
the fuck….. are you playing McKids?

Mike G. 9:28 PM
9:29 PM
I just took Starfy on a beach vacation, just the two of us and he’s napping.

Steve Snoey 9:30 PM


5 thoughts on “While You Were Podcasting…

  1. So Starfy is awesome then? It looked sweet from the trailer and gameplay footage I watched. The dude at Gamestop said it’s being compared to Kirby.

  2. Sadly my responses had to be skillfully edited as to not incriminate me, or ruin my future chances at being an elected official. I also think this might have been the funniest thing about last nights podcast 😉 And Mike, even though it’s unrelated are you planning on posting our thoughts on Mitsuharu Misawa and David Carradine? I recall some other funny and thought provoking bits from that exchange.

  3. David Carradine’s death seemed to be a big mystery until the shooting at the holocaust museum and then it almost seemed like no one cared anymore. Poor David Carradine, even in when the dude dies he can’t stay relevant very long.

    the whole Mitsuharu Misawa thing is crazy. I dont think I’ve ever heard of anyone dying from a belly to back suplex. I guess God just needed a tag team partner. Wrestle on in Heaven Tiger Mask!

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